Web Development

Responsive programming, web application development, presentations, games, 3D and more...

Plugins & Enhancements

HTML, CSS, JavaScript & jQuery plugin + development, customisation, enhancement and more...

High Speed & Low load

High speed, low server load websites and applications custom built to your requirements.


Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, JPG, PDF to HTML, CSS & JavaScript conversion / template creation.

HTML5 Video, Canvas & WebGL

Integration of Video and Canvas / WebGL based applications, utilities, graphics, animations, 3D etc.

Adobe AIR, Adobe Flash

Web, PC & Mac Desktop, Laptop, Tablet & Mobile applications, presentations and games (2D & 3D).

Database design & Normalization

MySQL Database design and normalization via MySQL Workbench services available.

PHP & MySQL Application Development

PHP, Packagist, Framework, MySQL development services available.

HTML Email Programming

HTML Email programming for maximum compatibility or for specific email clients, you choose.

Bug finding & fixing

We can help locate bugs, work out why they are happening and correct them for you.

Domains, Hosting, Email

Need help setting up a domain, hosting or email, feel free to contact us.

Products & Services

Web Development (Programming)

XHTML, DHTML, HTML5, CSS 1,2 & 3, JavaScript, jQuery, GSAP, AJAX, PHP, MySQL, SQL, PHP Packagist/Framework, DBal/Doctorine, Database Design & Normalization, Flash, Adobe AIR, ActionScript 2 & 3, XML & JSON, Node, NPM, Composer are just some of the technologies / languages we work with.

High speed & Low load

Need to take your website / web application to the next level? Pages taking a long time to display? Server running very slow or crashing? We can help you. We can build optmised, high speed, low load websites / bespoke applications custom to your needs.

Web, Desktop, Tablet & Mobile applications / presentations

Cordova / Adobe PhoneGap / Adobe AIR Desktop, tablet and mobile applications & presentations both interactive and non-interactve in either 2D or 3D.

Touch Screen Games, Applications & Presentations (2D & 3D)

Adobe AIR driven Touch screen games, Presentations and Applications, utilising either or both 2D & 3D technologies.

If you would like full screen web browser based touch screen applications, games or presentations this is also possible, please contact us for further information.

CD/DVD/USB Content Browsing Menus / Presentations +

Want to give out or supply materials, data, music, technical documentation or even product catalogues via CD/DVD or USB Key?
PC and Mac compatible CD/DVD/USB applications / presentations / menus / games which are built to your design and functional requirements.


Projects we have worked on

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